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$PEL is the native ERC-20 governance token of Propel. Staking, reward sharing through providing liquidity to or safeguarding the protocol, as well as governance procedures, will all use $PEL as the fundamental utility token across a portfolio of Propel products.

The token utility and tokenomics of $PEL were created with the blockchain's community-first approach in mind. Ownership of $PEL, which may be utilized to engage in platform governance, is earned by actual participation in protocol operations and maintenance. This technique enables ecosystem alignment by allowing for community-driven governance, creating a fair incentivization model, and allowing for community-driven governance.


PEL is the native token of the Propel platform. It contains features such as governance, incentives, and Proof of Stake (PoS):

  • Staking: users will stake $PEL to earn rewards and participate in Launchpools;

  • Governance: users will signal their intention to make platform decisions via $PEL native token governance;

  • Deflation via Platform Growth: As Propel itself grows, $PEL is retained and acquired for B2B deals.

Token Model

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