Q2: April 2023 - June 2023

  • Launch Admin Panel for Investor Dashboard: We'll empower investors to manage their investments more effectively and make informed decisions with our new Admin Panel.

  • Improved UI/UX: We'll revamp the website to provide a better user experience for our customers.

  • New Automated Fee Structure: We'll reduce costs and provide more competitive pricing for our investors with our new automated fee structure.

Q3: July 2023 - September 2023

  • LP Locking: We'll implement LP locking to protect liquidity providers and ensure the stability of token prices.

  • Launch $PEL staking with Burn Mechanism: We'll incentivize investors to hold onto their tokens and reduce circulating supply, while increasing demand with our new staking and burn mechanism.

  • Propel SDK: We'll make it easier for developers to build dApps through our solutions with the introduction of the Propel SDK.

  • Propel Widget SDK: We'll enable developers to add Propel functionalities to their websites, mobile apps, and dApps with our Propel Widget SDK.

Q4: October 2023 - December 2023

  • Token Minter: We'll enable anyone to create and launch their own tokens with our Token Minter.

  • Automation of Contracts: We'll automate the creation and execution of smart contracts without any assistance to enhance the efficiency of our platform.

  • Different staking types: We'll introduce multiple staking types to cater to different investor preferences and provide more flexible investment options.

  • Auditing Connects/Partners: We'll partner with leading auditing firms to provide transparent and trustworthy audits to our users hence providing end to end solutions to our clients

Q1: January 2024 - March 2024

  • New MultiServe Dashboard: We'll introduce a claiming dashboard which will serve as a self serve dashboard for the users to claim rewards for multiple activity like contests, ambassador programs & Airdrops

  • Introduce Market Making Solution: We'll provide solutions to ensure stable token prices on major exchanges and offer liquidity to our users with our market making solution.

  • Cross Chain Bridge: We'll enable seamless transfer of tokens between different blockchain networks with our cross-chain bridge.

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