Propel Overview


Q1. Are Propel’s Smart Contracts audited?
A1: Yes. All the smart contracts generated on Propel are multi audited.
Q2. How many products are in the Propel ecosystem right now?
  • MaaS: This ecosystem includes services like GameFi, Core metaverse, NFT utilities, Smart verse contracts.
  • DaaS: This ecosystem includes services like Investor Dashboard, MultiSig Wallet, Cross-chain bridges, Staking & LP staking, Anti- Dumpster, customized solution, and much more.
  • SaaS: Launchpool includes categories like Single-asset staking, time-capped staking, LP staking, basket reward staking, etc.
Q3. How can I contact the Propel team?
Q4. Are Propel services customizable?
A4: Yes. Explain to us the service you need, and our team will be at your disposal to deliver it.
Q5. Does Propel have a native token?
A5: $PEL is the native token used in the Propel ecosystem.
Q6 What is a Staking Contract?
A6: Smart Contract, which can be configured to Stake Token A and Earn Token A.
Q7. What is a liquidity pool?
A7: A liquidity pool is a pool of tokens blocked on a smart contract. Users who have provided tokens for a liquidity pool - liquidity providers - earn a share of the pool transaction fees proportional to their share of tokens in the pool.
Q8. What countries do Propel support?
A8: In most countries, Propel is available for service. It is, however, your duty to ensure that your use of our services complies with all applicable laws and regulations in the jurisdiction in which you reside.